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  • Product Name : GQCS6605S Semi-Auto Carton Folding Sealer

    This machine is suitable for automatic packaging lines, include top flaps folding and sealing at a time.


    ModelGQCS6605S Semi-Auto Carton Folding Sealer
    Machine size (mm)
    L1900 x W960 x H1600
    ( Spec. subject to change without prior notice. )
    By side belt
    Tape Width
    2” or 3"
    2” Tape Sealing size (mm)
    L200-600, W135-500, W120-500
    3” Tape Sealing size (mm)
    L200-600, W150-500, W120-500
    Tape overlap (mm)
    Working height (mm)
    Conveyor Speed
    20 M/min
    3Φ 220V
    (Depend on customer's request.)
    1. Side belt driven.
    2. Pneumatic top flaps folding, include front, side and rear flaps,  and tape sealing at a time. Used for automatic packaging lines.
    3. Semi-Auto. Easy to adjust for different carton sizes by crank handle. 
    4. Applicable to the production lines in uniform and lightweight cartons.
    5. Side clip-rollers make the carton sealing tight.
    6. Working height can be adjusted among H570-770 mm according to the front and the rear conveyors.
    7. Flexible top adhesive tape seat can automatically adjust for uneven cartons, which is fast, smooth and durable.
    8. Locking casters.
    9. Easy to operate.