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  • Product Name : GQW103 Standard Stretch Wrapper

    Pallet wrapping.


    ModelGQW103 Standard Stretch Wrapper
    Machine size (mm)
    L2820 x W1520 x H2440
    ( Spec. subject to change without prior notice. )
    Turntable dia. (mm)
    1500 (Optional: Customized size is available)
    Turntable height (mm)
    Max. load weight (kg)
    1500 (Optional:2000)
    Max. wrap height (mm)
    Film carriage speed
    3 M/min (Adjustable)
    Turntable speed
    12 RPM (Adjustable)
    Film pre-stretch
    200% (Standard)
    1Φ 220V
    (Depend on customer's request.)
    Applicable film
    PE 20~30μ
    1. PLC with the inverter controls motor.
    2. The turntable is driven by the belt, which makes it turning in no noise, stable and smooth.
    3. The film carriage has the patented anti-drop device to ensure safety.
    4. The speed of the turntable and the film carriage can be adjusted by the inverter.
    5. The turntable has soft start / stop to ensure safety.
    6. Fast film loading.
    7. It can be switched to manaul or auto mode.
    8. Controlled by control panel.
    9. The sensor detects the packing height automatically.